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Mission Statement


Animal Resource Funding Foundation (ARFF). ARFF is a non-profit foundation whose mission is to raise funds for the sole purpose of providing support and/or resources for numerous animal rescues and shelters throughout the Wayne County. Our goal is to have a positive impact on various communities to minimize over population, assist animal rescues & shelters with medical supply costs, and enhance the lives of animals in their care. We have a dedicated caring board in place to collaborate and collectively approve requests submitted by animal rescues and shelters. We truly look forward to improving the quality of life for many animals and helping many communities.



Sweet Amira is a victim of cruelty. These burns were not an accident. When we received a call to help we jumped right in to save this little girl. Amira was brought to Woodhaven Animal Hospital and Dr. Greear has been working tirelessly to save her. This little girl has had debridement treatments, skin grafts, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, antibiotics, surgeries, pain management and she still has a long road ahead of her. 

Amira recently developed an infection in the bone of her back leg due to the burns and on 11-7-23 she went through an amputation. She is strong, a fighter and we have faith she will recover completely. These treatments & surgeries are very costly! ARFF has funded her care from the moment she arrived at Woodhaven Animal Hospital and will continue to do so until she is free from pain and completely healed from the horrific abuse she suffered.  Local shelters and rescues cannot afford to treat most cases like Amira's. This is why ARFF was formed. We are here for the Amira's of the animal welfare world and with your help we be here for many years to come.

"We are fixing the very broken when it is beyond the means of others to do so"

ARFF Board Members

Helping with vet bills for rescue animals, hyperbaric oxygen treatment for pets surviving house fires, straw & food for outdoor dogs, wheelchairs for paralyzed animals, food for wildlife rehabbers, food and supplies for shelters, rescues and More!

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Ferral Kitties Need Our Help Too!

Tickets are on now on sale for our Woodhaven Second Annual Ales for Tails at 

We were asked by a local rescuer to assist with food for a colony of approximately 30 cats in the Westland area. Several kitties have been placed in foster homes already with more to go soon. We were asked to help with their goal of getting 168lb of dry food. YES we can help! Why don't we take care of the food and let the rescuers only worry about taking care of these cuties. We drop shipped (12) 14lb bags of Evolve dry food and (5) cases of wet food.

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