Pretties for Pitties 

Our friends at  Pretties for Pitties asked for assistance with supplies needed to improve the lives of cats and dogs in Metro Detroit. Pretties for Pitties is a fairly new group that is helping outdoor dogs and low income/at risk indoor pets by providing straw, houses, food, treats, chews, flea/tick meds, heartworm prevention, dewormer, spay/neuter and education. We love that a new group is in metro Detroit making a difference in the lives of these pets. We had to say YES! ARFF sent them 310lbs of dog food, (5) cases of cat food, (50) hooves, (5) heavy duty tie outs, (10) Kong treat bones, Heartguard plus for large dogs, Drontal wormer for cats, and Panacur wormer for dogs. We hope that this donation can improve the lives of a few furries in need. Thank you Pretties for Pitties for your compassion and hard work.


Who should we help next? Well, how about the outdoor dogs of SW Detroit! Animal Resource Funding Foundation assisted C.H.A.I.N.E.D. Inc. with their monthly out reach by providing 350 bales of straw. The straw is distributed to dog owners for free for pick up and volunteers load up trucks to provide individual care to outdoor dogs in the program. Straw in this weather is the difference between life and death for these dogs. Board member Carrie Wlotkowski Cox who is also a Volunteer for C.H.A.I.N.E.D. Inc was on hand to deliver the payment and then hit the streets to help keep these puppies warm and alive through winter. Thank you ARFF supporters it is your donations making a difference today in SW Detroit.

River Rouge Outreach by ARFF Board Members

They Came, We Vaccinated!