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Pepsi Project


If you take care of feral kitties, or you love cats you will love our new project. It is one that we hope to do on an ongoing basis. The following allocations are already in play.

~$1,000 is being sent to the PAWS CLINIC for the spay/neuter of feral kitties.

~$1,000 is being sent to Leuk's Landing Inc. where they take care of kitties with Feline Leukemia

~We have committed to Feral Kitty Trappers TNR, Inc. in South Lyons to a monthly food drop for their feral communities.

~We will also be sending food to various feral communities throughout the year.

Once again we thank Jerry & Susan Tajer Rutkowski for being the inspiration of this project and for their kind donation to the PEPSI PROJECT.

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Sweet Capone pictured on the right was rescued after being found chained to a fence in below zero temperatures. He found a warm, soft loving home with two of our board members. Here Capone was never cold or hungry.  He spent the remainder of his life, living like a king and receiving the love he so deserved.  In memory of Capone and his struggles living as an outdoor dog we created the Capone Project helping outdoor dogs live a better life. In the winter months we set up an account at Masserants Feed and Grain where rescuers and concerned citizens are able to pick up 2 free bales of straw. ARFF also conducts several outdoor dog outreaches where we supply igloo dog houses, straw, food and necessary supplies to dogs in River Rouge and Southwest Detroit. 


River Rouge Outreach by ARFF Board Members

Vaccination clinics at the Lincoln Park Animal Shelter & the River Rouge Animal Shelter. 

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lp vaccine.jpg
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