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Detroit Animal Care & Control Center Dogs Gets over 100 Beds!

The cry went out to fill the 100 kennels at the Detroit Animal Care and Control Shelter. ARFF stepped up help run the bed drive & spent the day helping to build those beds. #nomorecoldfloors.

Taylor Animal Shelter Now Has 38 Beds to Full Their Kennels!

We were asked by the volunteers of the Taylor Shelter for 20 Kuranda dog beds. ARFF did a matching bed drive for every bed donated we purchased one! 38 beds are on their way to the Taylor Shelter!!! No more cold concrete for those babies!

Let's Help Karl and Roger from the DACC

We received a request for assistance from Officer McCaskill from Detroit Animal Care and Control Center to help Karl and Roger who suffer with heartworm. Two of our board members hand delivered a check for  $500.00 to cover the heart worm treatment for Karl and Roger. 

Let's Get Some Vet Care For River Rouge Shelter Dogs!

Taylor Animal Shelter 

Melanie was at Wilsons Veterinary Hospital and had been for a week. Melanie was found laying in the grass and not doing well at all. The good people at the Taylor Animal Shelter got her to the vet where Melanie was diagnosed with Parvo. Her treatment and hospitalization was quite expensive and TASKK asked us if we could help. YES we can and we did! ARFF called in a $500.00 donation to help with her medical costs. 

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